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Our Mission

The LilySarahGraceFund challenges and empowers teachers at underfunded public elementary schools across the nation to use the Arts & Creativity in the teaching of their core curriculum.

We believe in the broadest possible definition of the Arts & Creativity and encourage collective art, building, creating, theater, music, dance, costumes, and singing. Most importantly, the LilySarahGraceFund promotes Arts-Infused Inquiry Based Learning.

We believe that by mixing different teaching styles; and incorporating elements of creativity, communication, collaboration, critical thinking and community - teachers reach more children and bring a richer, deeper understanding to their school subject matter.

Who We Are

The LilySarahGraceFund was founded by Matthew Badger in memory of his three daughters: Lily, Sarah and Grace Badger who lost their lives in a tragic house fire on Christmas morning 2011. Matthew created the fund to honor what his girls loved most in life – Art.

Since April 2012, LSGF has given out over $850,000 in classroom grants to more than 1,500 classroom projects – affecting more than 122,000 students nationwide.

How We Work

Coming in the Spring Semester, the LilySarahGraceFund will launce its new Arts Infused Inquiry Based Learning Grants. To help acquaint our members with this, we have created a stepping stone grant for the Fall Semester. This smaller grant has 3 of the 5 distinct components that make up the larger Arts Infused Inquiry Based Learning Grant. Our new grants continue to emphasize the importance and value of the Arts & Creativity in the classroom, while also elevating the core elements of Arts Infused IBL. We are proud to offer these grants as our next step in the movement to not only enhance, but also enrich, the education of our nation’s children.

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